Sunday, September 13, 2009

State of Veglife in Chattanooga

Just so we don't give people the wrong idea by creating this site. Whenever we travel, we always do an internet search for "vegan" and the "city name" to find websites/blogs with info about the best vegan places to eat. Basic survival stuff. Usually if a city is Vegan friendly then they will have such a site.

Now that said, Chattanooga is not an evolved veg-friendly city, like some may think. Yes, we do have an All Vegan Restaurant downtown called Country Life which is a big deal for a city in The South. And we have an okay grocery store (Greenlife) with all the veggie essentials (tofu, tempeh, etc.) and a few deli and bakery prepared vegan foods. But, most other places are still lacking a vegan option. From here on out we will focus on highlighting those smart options and limit complaining about the others. One of our main motivations here is to create a vegan resource for this city and surrounding region.

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