Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Free Tofurky in Chattanooga

We are a bit late with this news: Apparently PETA's Sexy Pilgrims put the free in cruelty-free in Chattanooga on Monday, giving out complimentary Tofurkys to lucky passersby. These sizzling settlers made a Southern six-city tour stopping traffic and getting a few people to be a bit more responsible and aware of their dietary habits.
We heard they were camped out on Georgia Ave and MLK Blvd?

Sluggo's Vegetarian Cafe

Friday November 27th, Sluggos will be having a Grand Opening Celebration!
Although the details are foggy, we suspect live music and great food.

Sluggos will be open on Thanksgiving Evening! So if you've had one of those weird family gatherings centered around bad food, you can pop on over to this North Chattanooga Vegan Cafe and also get your karoke on. Yes, you read correctly... Vegan Thanksgiving Karoke! Be a part of the musical entertainment starting at 9pm. Also, if you dress like a turkey then you get a free PBR tallboy.

We have eaten at Sluggos a half dozen times now and have enjoyed everything. Since they are brand new and just getting set-up they have a limited menu and have been a cash only business. We have posted their limited menu here (click it to view large). They also run daily specials, have some desserts, beers, juices, sodas, etc.

Try the Sweet Chili Tofu Thai Bowl or the Curry Tofu Bowl. Both are served on rice in a monster sized bowl. These are craveable! I believe they are priced around $6. Sooo worth it!

This is a great vegetarian and vegan option for dining in Chattanooga! Can't say enough good things about Sluggos. We are excited about watching their menu grow and will continue to promote them. Go there and Eat won't be disappointed.

Hope everyone has a healthy thanksgiving!

you can find Sluggos here...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Vegan Booze

If you consume wine or beer, you may want to consult the BARnivore. You may not have realized that some alcohol isn't actually vegan. We think it is always best to be informed. Don't be frightened...most beer is vegan.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vegetarian Food Chattanooga !!!

We highly recommend Sluggo's !!!
This food is amazing and prices are great.
Really you must go there. Support them and help yourself!

For our first visit to Sluggo's,
we walked into the cafe to hear the Ramones (a good sign of what was to come!) Friendly staff greeted us...

we ordered & ate:
Nachos Appetizer: a large plate of tortilla chips piled high with pinto beans, lettuce, avocado, chee(z), bbq-type salsa, black olives, vegan soy sour cream, etc. [This was a meal unto itself $6.25]

Culture Club: "a not so traditional club, served the traditional way with chips and a pickle" featured Niedlov's Sour Dough Bread cut into four sections and layered with tofurky, seitan, tomato, vegan mayo [Yummy-Tummy $6.50]

BBQ Sub Sandwich: Spiced & Breaded Tofu served on a baguette with vegan mayo and a pickle. [Super Tasty $5]

We had to take lots home since we couldn't dare finish it all. I'm trying to get a second wind to dive back in.

Stuffed and are planning our next visit for Friday night.
So happy Sluggo's has arrived here in Chattanooga!

We will post pics and a comprehensive review after our next visit. Until then, do yourself a favor and go eat at the new vegan cafe here in Chattanooga.

here's a map link

here's some other sluggo's links:
sluggo's pensacola website
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Monday, November 9, 2009

NEW VEGGIE CAFE in Chattanooga!!!

The rumors are true! We did a drive-by yesterday to confirm the location and we will be eating there very soon. Closed on Sun and Mon.

Now Open:

Sluggo’s North Vegetarian CafĂ©
501 Cherokee Blvd
North Chattanooga


LUNCH Wed - Sat 11am-3pm
DINNER Tu - Sat 5pm-1am
Sluggo's Chattanooga Vegan Chattanooga