Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vegetarian Food Chattanooga !!!

We highly recommend Sluggo's !!!
This food is amazing and prices are great.
Really you must go there. Support them and help yourself!

For our first visit to Sluggo's,
we walked into the cafe to hear the Ramones (a good sign of what was to come!) Friendly staff greeted us...

we ordered & ate:
Nachos Appetizer: a large plate of tortilla chips piled high with pinto beans, lettuce, avocado, chee(z), bbq-type salsa, black olives, vegan soy sour cream, etc. [This was a meal unto itself $6.25]

Culture Club: "a not so traditional club, served the traditional way with chips and a pickle" featured Niedlov's Sour Dough Bread cut into four sections and layered with tofurky, seitan, tomato, vegan mayo [Yummy-Tummy $6.50]

BBQ Sub Sandwich: Spiced & Breaded Tofu served on a baguette with vegan mayo and a pickle. [Super Tasty $5]

We had to take lots home since we couldn't dare finish it all. I'm trying to get a second wind to dive back in.

Stuffed and are planning our next visit for Friday night.
So happy Sluggo's has arrived here in Chattanooga!

We will post pics and a comprehensive review after our next visit. Until then, do yourself a favor and go eat at the new vegan cafe here in Chattanooga.

here's a map link

here's some other sluggo's links:
sluggo's pensacola website
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  1. Hello! My name is Leigh and I'm a fellow vegan in Chattanooga...I thought I was the only one! So glad to see this blog. I found it accidently by googling Sluggo's (friend just told me about this place, had no idea it existed!) Thanks a lot for creating it and I look forward to reading more!

  2. after have already experiencing the sluggos in pensacola I was way stoked for this! i've been there like 5 times already, so fucking good.


  3. I think we should plan a mass meeting at Sluggo's sometime soon. If for nothing else, just to give them some good business and eat some great food. Also, might be nice to meet other vegans in the area and know we really do exist here.

  4. yay for this blog! i'm hillary, another fellow vegan in chattanooga. it's so nice to see others here!

  5. Sweet! Sounds great! We'll be driving through Chattanooga tomorrow on a road trip from Chicago to Florida. Nashhville has left me hungry. Is this place open for lunch? Can't find a website!

  6. Hey everyone!

    So nice to meet you guys at Sluggo's last Friday! My food was great, by the way! I would love a mass get together at Sluggo's also. Please keep me posted and friend me on facebook..Leigh Cox. See ya!

    -Leigh, fellow vegan in Chatt. ;)

  7. Sluggo's is the best! I went to the Pensacola location a few times while living there. I go to the one in Chattanooga about once a week. It is even good for meat eaters (my husband). I love the nachos, panhandle tofu, and the potstickers. Also, my husband ordered a carrot cake from them for my birthday. It was wonderful!