Friday, December 4, 2009

Going Green in Chattanooga

In a city with a green conscience, we should think about the vegetarian or vegan diet. Chattanooga has zero-emissions electric city shuttles, lots of green building practices, lush green natural environments, lots of local farming and efforts to buy local, energy and awareness of environmentally-friendly practices...But to take things a step further everyone should consider a veg diet for health and the environment. At least give it a try. It can be easy, fun, delicious, healthy and great for the environment. My neighbors, although carnivores, have gone on week-long vegan diets to try it out and feel healthy. If you've seen the film SuperSize Me then you'll remember the essential vegan diet to cleanse (Detox Diet) the main character's system after eating only McDonald's for a straight month. I have been vegan for 19 years and I am always excited by veg food.

Here are some links to some GREAT VEGAN FOOD PORN:

Here's a link to an article/interview Go Green, Go Vegan where some facts are laid out concerning the effects that our diet choices have on the environment. There are no animal rights/slaughterhouse scare tactics in this article...just some interesting facts.


  1. is also a great website. I made a recipe from the site, sugar crunch apple pie, for my family this Thanksgiving, and they couldn't stop talking about how delciious it was! :)

  2. I came across this blog when I was looking for other vegans in Chattanooga. I thought I was the only one! Its nice to see I'm not alone! :0)

  3. Hi Gina!
    You definitely are not alone. We are so glad you are here too. I think we are planning a small meet-up next week at Sluggo's. I post an invite on the blog when the date and time are confirmed. Happy New year!